Great local artisans offer their goodies for sale.  Small enough to sneak into your already overloaded suitcase!!


Irene Parsonage is a well known local artist who is displaying her work at Clover Downs for sale.

She finds inspiration from every day life, particularly native bush, beaches, rock formations and sand patterns – all things natural.

Irene received honours in art at High School and won local art competitions in her hometown of Hastings.  She is self taught, having read many books and spent many hours mastering her own techniques.  Having started with pastels, she moved onto acrylics and recently has been working with mixed media and contemporary art.

Her painting career has spanned 15 years and over that time the paintings have been sold to clients in America, England, Australia, Norway and all over New Zealand.


Rimu cheeseboards

Rotorua was blessed indeed when Jim arrived in 2016 with his incredible skill of making dolls houses and furniture.  His workmanship is outstanding and he is making these rimu cheeseboards and knives exclusively for Clover Downs.  A beautiful piece of native timber for you to enjoy on your return home.

You’ll also see his handywork around the property from the beautiful bench tops in the rooms to the gorgeously restored chairs and fire guard in the Lounge.

beeswax wraps

The brainchild of two local teachers, these Wraps will keep a range of items fresh for days.

We use them within the Homestead on our breakfast trays to keep the bread fresh overnight.   Also for covering leftovers in the fridge and school lunches.  Three sizes available and a great sustainable gift for those back home.

The Wraps replace cling film and are wiped down with a warm cloth. They have a life span of between 6 – 12 months and these Wraps come in some cute Kiwiana designs.